Hy, beautiful woman!

Welcome, I hope to connect with you no matter where in the world you are!


My name is Teodora and my mission is to support women create a happy joyful life, where they feel good enough, worthy enough and empowered to choose a life on their own terms. I believe we all deserve to feel free of anxiety and insecurity and achieve our best potential.

My vision is that we all went to some extent of experiences or traumas that has marked the way we think, feel, react. The relationship with our parents can be a powerful element that can become our support or our biggest obstacle in living with confidence and passion.

I started my own journey 12 years ago, from feeling anxious every day, insecure about what others think of me, my body and about my school and work projects. I would work so hard for everything just to end up feeling scared, overwhelmed, behind. I had difficulty accepting myself, my emotions and expressing my needs. I was caught on rejection, feeling stuck in my own choices and behaviours.

Wishing to understand myself and others, I obtained a degree in Clinical Psychology and I continued with a Master’s degree in Human potential achievement and a two year formation in Cognitive behavioural psychotherapy.

I worked for six years as a Psychologist in the Oncology Institute of Romania. I learned that health is always a holistic concept, a mind and body approach. I then became a personal trainer in order to support my clients to obtain a healthy lifestyle, developing the understanding between mind and body.

I moved to the Netherlands and opened my own company, COMPLEX EVOLUTION, where I worked with women from all cultures to obtain a balance between their mindset, physical goals and nutrition.

I deepened my studies in specialized trauma intervention, Schema Therapy and positive psychology.

I continued my adventure through life by moving to the island of Aruba. I started there a collaboration with the University of Aruba where I empower students to heal trauma, anxiety and depression.

I was privileged to be the psychotherapist behind a complex therapy chat-bot app.

I expanded my knowledge into teaching online, by following an extensive program with Tony Robbins as an online coach and online course creator.

I now teach online support groups with international platforms and have my own online practice, while I live my dream life, travelling around the world

”I feel free to do what I dream about, allowed to live a happy life on my own terms and be kind to myself on the way!”

I hope you will offer me the honour to guide you well on your personal journey!

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